Email Marketing Automation

Win more business without manual nurturing or follow-up

Eliminate time-consuming manual tasks while still making sure every lead is nurtured with the right content at the right time

What can you do with Nautilus?


Build automated workflows that trigger defined actions at the right time.

Save countless hours of manual email sending, following up with leads and responding based on subscriber feedback.

Visualize and optimize the customer journey for maximum impact

Understand the complex paths that subscribers take in response to your email campaigns and automations then optimize them for better engagement and conversions.

Automatically send follow-up emails based on subscriber actions

Save countless hours of manual email sending, following up with leads and responding based on subscriber feedback.

Trigger emails based on specific events, enhancing customer interaction.

Ensure that subscribers receive emails precisely when they are most engaged or in need of information.

Connect Nautilus with your favorite tools and services for enhanced automation.

Never be limited by missing capabilities, outdated data or manual data entry errors. Integrate Nautilus via API and streamline your data flow.

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Is setting up email automation complicated?

Not at all. Nautilus offers an intuitive automation builder that makes setting up automated workflows a breeze. Our customer support team is here to assist if needed.

How can I ensure my emails are reaching the right audience?

Nautilus’ automation ensures that your emails are targeted precisely. You can segment your audience based on behavior, preferences, and more, ensuring your messages reach the right people at the right time.

What are the benefits of understanding customer journeys?

Understanding customer journeys helps you tailor your communications for maximum impact. You can create personalized experiences that lead to higher conversion rates.

How do automated follow-ups work, and when should I use them?

Automated follow-ups are sent automatically based on subscriber actions. Use them to re-engage leads and customers who have shown interest but haven’t converted.

How can anniversary and birthday emails benefit my business?

These emails foster customer loyalty by showing your clients that you care. They can lead to a 25% higher customer retention rate. Nautilus makes it easy to set up and personalize these emails.